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Linking carried interest to impact: The ‘who?’ and the ‘why?’

Pioneering fund managers are making the ultimate GP prize – carried interest – contingent on impact or ESG metrics. In part one of this deep dive, we ask who is doing it and what their motivations are.

Linking carried interest to impact: The ‘how?’ and ‘what next?’

Momentum is gathering behind the movement to link carried interest to impact or ESG targets. In the second part of this deep dive, we discover that it is easier said than done.

Giant investors coalesce around ESG reporting frameworks

Four of the world’s largest private markets investors tell us how ESG reporting is maturing across the industry.

Deep Dive: A market that brings bad press

Single-family rental homes are fast becoming a favorite property type for institutional capital. But investing in the space requires enduring negative media.

Download: 95 LPs and their commitments to impact funds

Available to susbscribers only: an Excel spreadsheet containing details of LP commitments to funds managed by members of our Impact 20 ranking.


How BlackRock measures ESG credit risks

BlackRock’s Lucy Dale shares five factors in how the asset manager determines ESG risks in its loan underwriting process for infrastructure assets.

Allianz: ‘An Article 9 fund is not an impact fund’

An impact fund could convert a coal power plant to natural gas, but wouldn’t necessarily be an Article 9 fund, Allianz’s Jemima Atkins says.

The 2021 Infrastructure Investor Global (Sustainability) Summit

The summit’s post-covid Berlin comeback is awash in the language of sustainable investing, as infra investors look to build back better.

Why ‘natural capital’ could be coming to a bucket near you

As the likes of Nuveen, HSBC and CPP Investments have aligned themselves to make long-term ‘natural capital’ investments, the required offset markets have grown in number too.


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