DATA SNAPSHOT: Gender diversity ‘crucial’ to investment opps

Most private fund CFOs globally say gender diversity is crucial or important to assessing potential investments, according to an Intertrust Group survey.

A survey conducted by Intertrust Group found that the majority of private funds CFOs around the world identify gender diversity as either crucial or important to assessing potential investment opportunities.

The survey was conducted in January, and took the responses of 320 CFOs or their direct reports from all types of private capital investment firms in the US, UK, China and Western Europe.


Of those regions, UK-based CFOs were most likely to identify gender diversity as “crucial” to assessing investment opportunities. Intertrust said that 74 percent of respondents are now calling for daily, weekly or live data insights into DE&I.

The survey also took the thoughts of CFOs on how important racial/ethnic diversity and carbon footprint are to assessing potential investments (second chart).