In brief: Foresight links up with the Eden Project

The UK-listed fund manager intends to release a 'nature recovery' statement later this year.

Foresight Group, a UK-listed infra and PE investor, is seeking advice from the Eden Project, a UK-based charity, on “enhancing biodiversity across its portfolio with an initial focus on its infrastructure and forestry assets”, according to a statement. The charity, which is known for its iconic tropical rainforest biomes in Cornwall, will be involved in Foresight developing its “nature recovery statement”, which the firm expects to release later this year. The document will provide “a blueprint” for Foresight’s assets.

Foresight will also establish a seed bank, housed at the Eden Project, as part of a wider partnership that is hoped, the firm says, will expand into other initiatives. “We are currently exploring several opportunities with the Eden Project but first, we will start with nature recovery. We look forward to announcing more as the next steps unfold,” said Lily Crompton, group sustainability lead at Foresight.