In brief: Reports of bumper ESG pay packets

The war for ESG talent is propelling salaries into seven figures, reports Bloomberg.

It’s no secret that ESG-related expertise is in high demand at present. One consequence of this dynamic is that sustainability specialists are finding themselves in a substantially higher income bracket from the one they inhabited several years ago, Bloomberg reports (subscription required). Pay levels have risen between 50 percent and 100 percent over the past year, the report said, citing private equity recruiters. ESG heads can now earn seven-figure salaries and are beginning to see profit sharing as a remuneration method.

Good news then, for those boasting ESG credentials on their LinkedIn profile, and less good for those whose job it is to sort the signal from the noise in a world where more people than ever are eager to flash their green, responsible credentials, as we noted in April. “There has been an explosion of role types and specialisms so it’s hard to navigate from someone’s LinkedIn profile to determine what their particular role and expertise is,” Helen Pradas-Page at specialist ESG recruiter Acre Resources, said at the time. “If you’re not familiar with the talent pool everyone can look like an ESG specialist.”