In brief: VC is the home of diverse-owned managers

An industry report found that the number of diverse-owned GPs increased by 25% last year, with three-quarters of firms concentrated in venture capital.

Women and minority-owned capital managers claimed a larger portion of the private markets landscape than ever before in 2021, according to a report by diverse-owned fund of funds manager Fairview Capital. The firm’s Market Review of Woman and Minority-owned Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms found that the amount of diverse capital managers and the amount of capital they manage is on the rise. Below are some highlights.

  • 25 percent – The total number of diverse-owned GPs increased from 502 to 627 (2020-21).
  • 280 – The number of diverse-owned firms raising capital approached 300 last year, up from 234 in 2020.
  • 175 – Nearly a third of those GPs are raising first-time funds, with fund target sizes averaging $100 million.
  • 76 percent – Three-quarters of diverse-owned GPs are raising venture capital funds.
  • 2 percentage points – The total proportion of private capital being raised by diverse-owned firms rose from 4 to 6 percent last year.