APAC family offices seek more ‘sustainable investments’

By 2027, an average of 50% of Asia-Pacific family offices’ portfolios will be allocated to ‘sustainable investments’ across asset classes, a survey by the Raffles Family Office shows.

Family offices in Asia-Pacific are seeking more sustainable investment opportunities, a survey by the Raffles Family Office and investment consultant Campden Wealth shows. Fifty-three percent of the survey’s respondents said they did not believe they had invested enough in sustainable investments.

Twenty-nine percent of APAC family office portfolios, on average, are currently invested in assets that the survey’s respondents describe as “sustainable”. The respondents expect this to increase to 38 percent by 2023 and 50 percent by 2027.

The data covers private, public and other asset classes – but elsewhere in the report, 84 percent of respondents said they had a “growing interest” in private equity, 47 percent in real estate and 44 percent in private debt. Raffles’ description of “sustainable investing” includes exclusion (“excluding investments that are not aligned with the investor’s values”), integration of ESG factors “into traditional investment processes” and impact investing.

Access the full report here.