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Requests around additionality were toned down in the final guidance, which the regulator says is 'in principle compatible' with global guidance.
This hour-long webinar features tips to prepare the new SEC-mandated form.
A growing number of firms are signing up to voluntary ESG frameworks, according to a report from Orbis Advisory.
The firm's B Corp score of 164.6 makes it the fourth-highest scoring financial services business worldwide, according to CEO Hugo Llewelyn.
Scope 3 emissions disclosure requirements – which would have involved private companies in the supply chain of public companies – have been left off the rule. But it could still affect private fund managers' exit plans and debt investments.
The SEC's long-awaited and controversial Climate Disclosure Rule will require registered companies to disclose material climate risks to their business strategies and operations, and GHG emissions for the largest companies.
The firm is among the eight largest independent European private equity firms to have signed up, according to a statement seen by New Private Markets.
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Artificial intelligence could help turbocharge sustainability efforts in private markets by freeing up stretched ESG professionals to focus on strategic work.

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