Data snapshot: Infra leads the way on climate disclosure

A Hymans Robertson survey finds that PE had the lowest disclosure rates among private markets asset classes.

Managers of infrastructure funds are disclosing climate data more readily than GPs in other asset classes, according to a report from pensions and investments consultant Hymans Robertson.

The report went under the radar when published at the end of 2023, but contains useful reference points on the level of climate disclosure in the market. Hymans Robertson surveyed 57 asset managers and 157 funds to compile it.

This was Hyman Robertson’s second annual survey of managers’ climate disclosure. Compared to the previous year, the most significant improvements were seen in the amount of data provided by private debt managers. Overall response rates increased to 43 percent from 21 percent in 2022. This was not reflected in other areas: the response rate for infrastructure managers fell from 75 percent in 2022 to 67 percent in 2023. However, infrastructure still had the highest disclosure rates among asset classes.

Across all asset classes, more managers responded with ‘basic’ data (although the report does not define what ‘basic’ data is) than were able to provide emissions data, such as their carbon footprint or Scope 3 emissions.