Data snapshot: The investment opportunity for SME decarbonisation

Most mid-market companies are yet to spend heavily on reducing emissions, according to a report from Argos Wityu.

Most mid-market companies are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, but many are yet to heavily invest in doing so, according to a survey from Argos Wityu.

The firm surveyed over 700 companies across France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg to gather the data. More than four-fifths (84 percent) of companies surveyed consider the reduction of GHG emissions to be important or critical, and many see benefits to doing so beside climate impact. However, only 38 percent of respondents reported that they had invested heavily in decarbonising their business, exhibiting a gap that private markets capital has the potential to fill.

The results will be encouraging for Argos Wityu, given that it is currently raising its debut impact fund, which focuses on decarbonising SMEs. Argos Climate Action is an Article 9 buyout fund with a €300 million target and reached a first close at €120 million last week.