DATA SNAPSHOT: What drives responsible investing by family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals

Younger generations bring 'values that increasingly align with sustainable investing principles’ at family offices, finds financial services provider Ocorian.

Responsible investing is growing in importance among ultra-high-net-worth individual investors, according to a survey by Titanbay, a platform giving individual investors and family offices access to private markets funds. Thirty-two percent of the 120 ultra-high-net-worth investors surveyed by platform said they already held “responsible investments”, and another 26 percent said they are “actively looking into responsible investments”, Titanbay said in a media release.

This growth is in many cases driven by ultra-high-net-worth investors aligning their portfolios with personal or family values: 86 percent of Titanbay’s respondents reported this as a “very important” or “extremely important” motivation, while 68 percent of respondents cited risk management as an important motivation for increasing responsible investing exposure.

In a separate survey of family offices by Ocorian, a financial services and administration firm for family offices, banks and other institutions, 91 percent of respondents said they believe ESG is part of their family office’s fiduciary duty. Ocorian’s survey included 130 family office professionals.

“We’re seeing many family offices, particularly those with a heavy influence from younger generations, bringing in new ideas and values which increasingly align with sustainable investing principles,” said Amy Collins, head of Ocorian’s family offices business.