In brief: A new impact education programme

GIIN and CIIP have collaborated to launch a scheme to educate the next generation of impact investors.

The Temasek-founded Centre for Impact Investing and Practices is partnering with the Global Impact Investing Network to launch an initiative to help investment professionals improve their knowledge of impact investing. The initiative was announced onstage by Benoit Valentin, Temasek’s head of impact investing, at the GIIN Impact Investing Forum on Wednesday.

The two organisationes have jointly launched an education programme targeting “the future leaders of the industry”, said Valentin, which will provide foundational knowledge in a bid to push the scale-up of impact further.

The GIIN will also develop education for corporations looking to attract impact capital; CIIP will lead the corporate education roll-out in Asia.

“We are in dialogue with organisations like the CFA Institute in the UK to help also inform how training can feed into broader accreditation efforts,” GIIN CEO Amit Bouri said in a subsequent press briefing. “We are exploring how we can pilot some of the training in support of an overall effort to increase the sophistication of impact investing skills.” Find out more here.