In brief: EDCI data delivery, round two

Another full year of ESG data gathering by EDCI members shows shows some progress within a mixed bag of performance data.

Data convergence continues: this week Boston Consulting Group has released some of the findings from a second full year of ESG data gathering by the ESG Data Convergence Initiative. We will bring some more detailed analysis to you in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, BCG has looked at the data through three lenses:

  • Emissions reductions: “Larger private [equity backed-] companies (those with revenue of $200 million or more) have been reducing their carbon footprint across both Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions significantly faster than smaller private companies. At the same time, larger private companies have been decarbonising more quickly than their public peers, while smaller private companies have been lagging.” Read BCG’s analysis.
  • Renewable energy usage: “Private companies continue to trail public ones in terms of overall renewable energy use. But while portfolio companies early in a PE hold period had low levels of renewable energy uptake, companies held for more than two years had an average of three times that level.” Read BCG’s analysis.
  • Jobs, workplace safety and gender diversity: “While employment growth at private companies slowed slightly, they still hired four more net new employees per 100 FTEs than did public companies.” Read more from BCG.