The world’s largest generalist impact fund is not impervious to the fundraising squeeze in private markets. At €2.7 billion in committed capital, EQT’s Future fund is the largest pool of impact-focused generalist private equity capital in the world. However, fundraising has slowed for the vehicle, which was launched in 2021 with a €4 billion target.

Chief executive Christian Sinding said in the firm’s H1 update on Friday that while the firm’s flagship buyout and infrastructure funds are set to hit their targets, “newer strategies are more impacted by the current fundraising environment in terms of time and size”.

Gustav Segerberg, head of business development, added: “Newer strategies such as EQT Future continue to progress, but more slowly. And hence it’s also harder to reach the target fund sizes in today’s market.”

The Future fund is a generalist impact buyout fund with a 12-year life. EQT plans to hold assets for up to seven years – allowing it to scale impact positive businesses and implement ESG improvements in large businesses.