In brief: IFC launches AI-powered emerging markets ESG data tool

Malena helps investors identify ESG issues by processing company documentation.

International Finance Corporation has partnered with Amundi to develop Malena, a tool designed to help emerging markets investors process disordered documentation to navigate ESG issues.

Malena “uses over 15 years of emerging markets data and natural language processing to distil complex, unstructured ESG information into actionable insights for sustainable investments”, IFC said in an announcement. Investors can upload documents to the platform, which will then flag potential ESG issues, which the investor can then further investigate.

“Malena is more than a technological advancement; it’s also a catalyst for sustainable investment in emerging markets,” said Emmanuel Nyirinkindi, IFC vice-president of cross-cutting solutions. “By equipping investors and analysts with this tool, we’re enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and contribute to meaningful, sustainable development.”