In brief: Insight Partners seals two deals for real estate sustainability

Insight Partners has backed two companies pushing for resource efficiency in real estate this week – one alongside impact firm Lightrock.

Insight Partners is investing in sustainable resource consumption in real estate with two deals along this theme this week.

The firm led a $40 million funding round in Alasco, a digital real estate management platform that plans to expand its digital ESG data automated sustainability decision-making product. Lightrock, the impact investing carve-out of banking and investment group LGT, also participated in the funding round.

“Alasco’s real estate customers love its modern, easy-to-use workflows because the product provides needed transparency into financial performance and sustainability,” Insight Partners managing director Rachel Geller said in a statement.

Insight also led a $15 million funding round for WINT Water Intelligence, a technology that reduces buildings’ carbon and water footprints by reducing water wastage and leaks. Other investors are the family office of Marius Nacht and “numerous” construction and real estate corporates including Suffolk Construction, the Consensus Business Group, Tidhar, Electra, Ashtrom and Rogovin, according to a statement from WINT.

Insight Partners is investing Fund XII, which has raised $20 billion, and Fund XI, which raised $9.5 billion, of its flagship series.