In brief: Leapfrog recruits ex Nuveen CEO Rob Leary as adviser

Rob Leary will help Leapfrog ‘expand its investor base’ as senior adviser to the impact firm’s CEO Andy Kuper.

Leapfrog Investments has hired Rob Leary, the former chief executive of Nuveen, as a senior adviser. Leary will help the impact firm “expand its investor base” as senior adviser to Leapfrog’s chief executive Andy Kuper and a member of the leadership team, according to an emailed statement from the firm. The news comes months after Leapfrog – having previously focused exclusively on social impact in emerging markets – launched a climate solutions strategy. The firm’s statement particularly mentions that Leary will support this climate strategy, as well as supporting with fundraising and investing efforts across Leapfrog’s strategies.

Leary was Nuveen’s chief executive between 2013 and 2017. He now serves as an adviser or committee member to various companies and non-profits, including two forestry preservation foundations.

Leapfrog is also raising its fourth flagship fund, which has a $1 billion target.