In brief: Real estate investors continue on ESG path

Despite economic headwinds, real estate investors are still gravitating towards ESG reporting, according to GRESB's latest numbers.

Real estate investors continue to incorporate ESG into their portfolios. Industry-led organisation GRESB’s global real estate benchmark saw a 20 percent growth in adoption in 2022. Covering up to $6.9 trillion of general asset value globally, the benchmark recorded a 30 percent growth in Americas and 16 percent growth in Europe, respectively, according to an announcement.

While the average scores for both GRESB’s Standing Benchmark – the benchmark covering fully built properties – and the Development Benchmark increased, there were dips in performance improvement scores such as energy, GHG emissions, water and waste reductions due to the industry’s return to pre-pandemic operation levels. Sebastien Roussotte, chief executive officer at GRESB, said he was proud to see “real estate industry deepen its commitment to ESG transparency and sustainability”.