In brief: Texas could go green on hydrogen

A group of energy investors led by Ares Management Corporation are exploring the development of a clean hydrogen facility at the Port of Corpus Christi.

Green fuels may be the next big energy source produced at a major US port for conventional oil and gas.

A consortium of private investors specialising in renewable power and midstream energy infrastructure has agreed to a non-binding memorandum of understanding with the Port of Corpus Christi in Texas to develop what would be one of the US’s largest hubs for clean hydrogen. The fuel source is produced in a variety of ways but mainly from converting natural gas and landfill waste.

Cleanly producing hydrogen is viewed as a potential solution for powering high-intensity industrial facilities that can overload more conventional renewables sources, but cost has been a limiting factor. The International Energy Agency predicts hydrogen comprising 6 percent of the global energy mix if Net Zero emissions targets are to be achieved by 2050.

Ares Management Corporation and its subsidiary firm Apex Clean Energy are leading the development and will power green hydrogen facilities at the port with nearby solar and wind projects, including a 345MW wind power-purchase agreement Apex signed last year. EPIC Midstream Holdings, which operates energy infrastructure in the region, has agreed to consider the development of a new pipeline dedicated for green hydrogen production.