Nature and biodiversity is ‘a really hot topic’ for 2023, says Actis’s Nissan

Investors are thinking about moving beyond risk management towards 'nature positive' practices, said Actis's Shami Nissan in a video interview on the sidelines of the Impact Investor Global Summit.

Following the UN Biodiversity conference in December last year, and in the run up to the release of the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures, investors should work on integrating nature considerations into their investment processes.

“Many are thinking hard about how do you deliver an investment that is nature positive,” said Shami Nissan, partner and head of sustainability at Actis, in a video recorded at New Private MarketsImpact Investor Global Summit earlier this year.

The term “nature positive” is itself controversial, said Nissan, but describes moving from risk management, where you seek to cause minimal or no harm to nature, to investing in projects that enrich nature.