New Private Markets Global Awards 2023: Time to vote!

It’s time to cast your votes in the New Private Markets Global Awards 2023. Voting closes on 5 January, 2024.


This is the first edition of the awards. Our aim is to honour and showcase the private markets firms and investors that have excelled throughout the last year globally in the areas of impact and ESG. We do this by asking you, the industry, to cast your votes.

We have 16 categories across ESG and impact. To help you navigate the voting process, we’ve drawn up a shortlist for each category based on our coverage throughout the year, our conversations with the market and your submissions.

You can also add your own choice, if you feel that the rightful winner isn’t on our list.

Here’s a recap of the rules for voting:

  • You may only vote once and you may not vote for yourself or your own firm (that goes for portfolio companies voting for sponsor GPs and/or the other way around too);
  • You are not required to vote in all categories – simply vote in those that are of interest to you. However, we encourage you to do as many as you can. Block voting is not encouraged and could lead to disqualification. And, of course, all votes are confidential;
  • You need to vote using a company email address (Gmail or Hotmail addresses will be discounted) and agree to the survey terms and conditions for your vote to be eligible.

The polls close at 11:59pm PST on Friday, 5 January, 2024, with the results revealed in March.

Good luck to all nominees, and happy voting!