New Private Markets Global Awards: A little over two weeks to submit!

If you feel your organisation – or indeed one of your peers – deserves recognition in our inaugural annual awards process, you have a little over two weeks to let us know.

Hopefully you have already started thinking about making a submission for the inaugural New Private Markets Global Awards. By way of a reminder, you have until 17 November – a little over two weeks from now – to contact us with your highlights. This helps us make informed decisions when compiling the shortlists for our categories. You can find the list of categories, as well as a list of frequently asked questions here. It also tells you where to submit your information. Two questions we have had since launch:

  • Can we nominate organisations other than our own? Yes, absolutely you can!
  • Can we submit the same information to NPM‘s awards as we do for other PEI Group awards processes (eg Infrastructure Investor or Private Equity International) if appropriate? Yes, you can!

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.