PODCAST: Four steps to cut through greenwash

We speak to Jim Roth, who co-founded LeapFrog Investments and is now founder and managing partner of Zamo Capital, about how to avoid exaggerated impact claims.

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When it comes to investing sustainably, how do you separate authenticity from greenwash?

In this episode of the Spotlight podcast, we speak to Jim Roth to hear his four tests to cut through greenwash. Roth has an unusual CV among private markets investors. After around a decade in academia and then the public sector, in 2007 he co-founded LeapFrog Investments, a firm that shaped the private markets impact investing landscape and is still a leader. Since 2019, Roth has been building up Zamo Capital, a specialist investor that backs emerging impact firms, providing them with the capital and knowledge to scale.

Unsurprisingly given Roth’s background, the steps are strongly impact flavoured.