PODCAST: Fuel for thought – what energy security means for the transition

In this special episode of Spotlight, sponsored by Schroders Capital, Richard Nourse and Karin Kaiser of Greencoat Capital discuss how the war in Ukraine and the energy crunch will impact the shift away from fossil fuels.

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Sponsored by Schroders Capital

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent shockwaves through Europe and critically exacerbated energy market volatility, triggering the worst cost-of-living crisis seen across the continent in decades. But as governments scramble to shore up supply ahead of winter, what does this mean for net-zero goals and the shift to a low-carbon economy? Should nuclear again be seriously considered? And how will volatility shape appetite for further renewables capacity? We asked these questions and more to Richard Nourse, founder of Greencoat Capital, one of the UK’s leading renewables investors, and Karin Kaiser, head of private markets Europe at the specialist manager, which was acquired by Schroders Capital in April.

This podcast is for professional investors only