PODCAST: The unprecedented uncertainty of energy transition investing

Stan Miranda, founder of Partners Capital, talks to Toby Mitchenall about how private markets investors should think about uncertainty when investing into the global energy transition.

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“The uncertainty that exists today is far greater than the uncertainty that existed with the digital transformation in its early stages, and far more than the uncertainties that we had behind the clean tech revolution.” So says Stan Miranda, founder of Partners Capital, in this podcast about investing private capital into the energy transition.

Partners Capital manages around $45 billion in assets on behalf of endowments, foundations and wealthy individuals. Private equity accounts for around $7 billion of that.

Earlier this year, Miranda and his colleagues published a deeply researched 83-page document called the Global Energy Transition Investment Framework, which is available on the firm’s website. The framework breaks down the various component parts of the transition and highlights the sectors and sub-sectors where the firm sees opportunity – and which asset classes are the most appropriate for accessing those opportunities. In this episode of Spotlight, we discuss exactly that.