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Andrew Siwo, New York State Common Retirement Fund, and Elizabeth Seeger, IFRS Foundation
New York State Common Retirement Fund’s $20bn impact strategy must have the same the risk/return traits as any other investment, says Andrew Siwo.
There is a 'brown discount' that needs to be applied to real estate assets that are not on the right path to net zero, says Schroders Capital's global head of real estate.
EG Capital, an East African and Zambian-focused impact investment firm, is tying 30-50% of its carried interest to its impact targets for its $100m inaugural impact fund.
The South Yorkshire Pensions Authority’s impact portfolio outperformed the general portfolio in the last financial year, but ‘we weren’t searching for impact’, director George Graham said at GIIN’s investor forum.
PEI senior reporter Carmela Mendoza and senior editor Adam Le discuss how private equity firms sharing equity with an entire workforce can create upside and value for investors.
Katarina Staaf, managing director of AP6 – which invests exclusively in private equity and reported 49% returns last year – has a strategy of ‘transforming industries and business models’ across its portfolio.
A conversation with two Rubensteins shows how the industry changes, and how it stays the same.
LPs are being asked to 'let go of asset buckets' in a bid to make a meaningful impact on carbon emissions.
The Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation has earmarked £100m for social impact funds by 2026 and is open to funds that prioritize impact over returns and vice versa.
CHI's Dave Bangert (left), with Pete Stavros and a chicken
Revealing details of the deal to CHI employees in person was, 'one of the most joyful things I have been involved in in my life', said KKR's Pete Stavros.

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