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Sustainability was a sideline issue at NEXUS 2024, until CalSTRS' Chris Ailman planted it firmly on the agenda.
(L-R) Toby Mitchenall, PEI Group, Joost Bergsma, Glennmont Partners; Doug Kimmelman, ECP; Pierre-Ettienne Franc, Hy24; Hans Kobler, Energy Impact Partners
A confluence of trends is contributing to ‘a burgeoning crisis’ in US energy demand, according to energy investors speaking at NEXUS 2024.
Marcus Felder., Blackstone
'70% of jobs may require a degree, but only 30% of the workforce has a degree', noted Marcus Felder, principal at Blackstone, on stage at NEXUS.
Anna Totdahl, Oregon State Treasury
Anti-ESG legislation in various US states does little to derail sustainable investing, but discussions of ESG have become 'a little bit of a dance', says LP.
Ken Pontarelli, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Goldman Sachs Asset Management's Ken Pontarelli talked delegates to NEXUS 2024 through the group's decision-making process when launching sustainable strategies.
(L-R) Andrew Siwo, NYSCRF; Reuben Munger, Vision Ridge; Jan Stahlberg, Trill Impact
The giant New York pension plan is not of fan of funds with a portion of their carried interest linked to impact, its sustainable investment chief Andrew Siwo told a lively debate on impact at PEI Group's NEXUS 2024 event.
Even amid a political backlash against ESG, 'the zeitgeist of society' compels investors to worry about more than just the rate of return, says Carlyle's co-founder and co-chairman in a video interview at NEXUS 2024.
Britt Harris, who has run multiple large pools of investment capital, discussed the energy transition on day one of NEXUS 2024.

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