Video: What are LPs’ ‘bugbears’ when it comes to GPs and sustainability?

Six limited partners in private markets funds describe their sustainability 'bugbears': what GPs can say or do that dissuades them from committing capital.

Sustainability, ESG and impact investment are increasingly prominent elements of the private markets fundraising narrative. But what is it that investors really want to see and hear, and what will put them off?

In this video, we hear directly from those allocating capital to private funds about their sustainability ‘bugbears’: what a GP can say or do that will raise an ESG or impact red flag.

CalPERS, IH International, StepStone Group, the European Investment Fund, AP4, and Railpen describe GP missteps; these include cherry-picking ESG stories, overstating “proprietary” dealflow and conflating ESG with impact.