In brief: Ninety One hires IIGCC net-zero expert

Daisy Streatfeild was instrumental in the launch of IIGCC's private equity-specific net-zero guidance earlier this year.

Ninety One, an emerging markets manager that invests in private and public markets, has hired a specialist to help it implement its Net Zero commitments. Daisy Streatfeild joins the firm from the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) as a sustainability director. IIGCC is an influential investor membership body that exists to move the institutional investment community towards decarbonisation. In February this year, it launched the first private equity-specific guidance for LPs and GPs to align their portfolios to net-zero carbon emissions. Streatfield was instrumental in this process, according a source.

Last November, Ninety One appointed Nazmeera Moola, formerly its head of South African investments, as its first chief sustainability officer.