In brief: PSP’s view on the future of ESG in private markets

The heavyweight Canadian investor details 'notable ESG practices' that it believes will become commonplace in private markets.

Within the annual Responsible Investment Report for PSP Investments, the C$230.5 billion ($172 billion; €165 billion) Canadian pension fund spells out “notable ESG practices that we believe will become commonplace in the future”. It is a useful benchmarking guide for GPs who want to stay ahead of the sustainability curve:

  • Increased focus on post-investment activities, including ESG integration in value-creation plans and training of board nominees on ESG topics.
  • Greater attention to monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and target-setting at the portfolio company level.
  • Monitoring of ESG key performance indicators that are material to portfolio companies and increased use of tools that enable ESG data to be collected alongside financial metrics.
  • Enhanced asset-level ESG reporting, including ESG metrics aligned with the EDCI.
  • Advanced diversity and inclusion initiatives at both the firm and portfolio company levels.
  • Increased focus on climate change-related risks and opportunities to guide investment decisions.
  • Greater focus on social factors such as employee health and safety, labour practices, and diversity and inclusion.
  • Alignment of lenders and private equity sponsors to support material and consistent ESG data disclosure within credit markets.
  • More robust ESG integration practices for private credit strategies.