Managers are factoring D&I into investment decisions

Managers have responded positively to the D&I challenge over the last year, according to LGT Capital’s latest report.

Managers are making steady progress when it comes to implementing diversity and inclusion polices, according to a new report by LGT Capital partners.

The study of 392 managers globally examined changes made in ESG practices in the last year. It found more managers are now incorporating D&I factors into their investment decision-making, albeit progress is slow.

“While the pace of change in this particular area of ESG focus is not especially fast, we do see instructive examples of how managers are responding to the D&I challenge,” wrote the report’s authors.

The data from Asia shows a 4 percent decrease in the proportion of managers factoring D&I into investments, but the report notes this is largely the result of sampling issues rather than a broader regional trend.