PODCAST: Female empowerment and intersectionality in PE

Blackstone's Devin Glenn and Investcorp's Jordana Semaan discuss the challenges they’ve faced in navigating an industry where women, and especially women of colour, are still scarce among the highest decision-makers.

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In recognition of International Women’s Day, On the Minds of Millennials, a Spotlight podcast miniseries, delves into female representation and intersectionality within private equity. It comes after McKinsey & Co research revealed that less that 1 percent of those who make up PE investment committees are women of colour.

With that sobering statistic in mind, we spoke to Devin Glenn, global head of DE&I at Blackstone, and Jordana Semaan, head of HR, Gulf and Asia, and global head of DE&I at Investcorp, about the challenges they have faced in trying to build their careers in such a white male-dominated industry.

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