PODCAST: Is action living up to the rhetoric on gender diversity?

Journalists across the PEI stable share their insights on an issue that has become top of mind for private fund managers and investors.

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The #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements have sharpened the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in the last couple of years. Companies across all business sectors are increasingly expected to up their game – and fast. And while good intentions are flowing from all corners of the private markets space too, are they translating into meaningful actions?

While progress is slowly being made, we are still a long way from addressing the gender imbalance in the industry. At more than eight in 10 private equity managers, 30 percent or fewer front-office roles are held by women, according to EY’s 2021 Global Private Equity Survey.

As PEI Media launches its inaugural Women of Influence list this month, showcasing 60 trailblazers working across the alternative asset classes, we bring together three of PEI’s own talented female journalists to discuss the progress they are seeing in the sectors they cover day to day.