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McKinsey's 2023 report found a continuing yawning gap for gender parity in senior investment roles and uneven progress for ethnic and racial minorities.
Paying for expenses while fundraising, networking events and fund pitch sessions are just some of the ways the LPs are helping to overcome the disparity in venture capital.
Infrastructure may have more women in senior roles relative to other asset classes, but keeping hold of female talent at all levels remains a challenge.
While these initiatives can provide young people with an entry point into private markets, they must be thoughtfully run to be effective.
Diversity enters the private debt conversation
Credit funds are ramping up efforts to influence gender diversity among borrowers.
A more strategic, less transactional approach to DE&I can stop private markets’ progress from running out of steam, says Follett Parker’s Sandra Hatugari.
Strides are being taken to make tangible progress in private markets.
Cultural change, patience and ambition are needed for private equity firms to move ahead in tracking portfolio-level gender diversity.
Among PEI Groups' 2023 Women of Influence in Private Markets, here are 10 pushing forward sustainable investment strategies.
Investors are looking for signs of a truly inclusive culture, according to a panel of LPs at PEI Group’s Women In Private Markets Forum: North America this week.

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