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All-male teams are particularly prevalent in Denmark and the Netherlands, representing 65% and 68% respectively.
LPs would sooner work with managers on diversity, equity and inclusion issues than show them the door.
LPs are starting to flex muscles regarding PE managers' commitment to diversity.
Success for emerging and diverse manager programmes involves more than just writing cheques, writes Meketa Investment Group managing principal Judy Chambers.
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A new venture fund takes an impact investing approach to address structural impediments LGBTQ+ founders confront in fundraising.
Colorful Capital, a newly-launched LGBTQ+-focused fund, aims to tackle venture capital’s ‘implicit bias’ – which sees less than 1% of VC funding go to LGBTQ+ founders.
How one influential European LP views industry efforts to measure diversity.
What can seem like an inexorable march towards sustainability is not quite that simple.
A total of 100% of managers surveyed in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa reported having ESG policies in place, versus 80% in North America.
At the previous investment committee meeting, the board voted to make the commitment, despite accusations the firm had misled the pension on diversity efforts.

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