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Brunel Pension Partnership, one of the UK’s Local Government Pension Scheme pools, has cornerstoned Oxford's debut real estate impact fund, which is targeting £400m.
PEI senior reporter Carmela Mendoza and senior editor Adam Le discuss how private equity firms sharing equity with an entire workforce can create upside and value for investors.
It’s a private fund innovation that could be a force for good, but some investors may struggle with it.
A new climate growth vehicle, The Drawdown Fund, is putting 50% of its carry on the line as it nears a $100m first close.
DC-based energy fund manager EIG has made 25% of its carried interest contingent on emissions reduction targets.
A quarter of the team's carried interest will be contingent on the fund's portfolio companies meeting carbon reduction targets.
The Paris-based firm has launched an Article 8 leveraged buyout fund targeting €1.3bn ‘to support SMEs on decarbonisation’.
Jonathan Dean, head of impact investing at AXA IM Alts, shares some nuggets on the firm’s impact plans over breakfast with New Private Markets.
Closed Loop Partners has closed its debut buyout fund at $200m.
Trill Impact uses the same company-specific KPIs for its impact-linked carry as banks use for their financing – ‘in that way we also have an external eye and verification on the plan’.

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