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Delegates at the Impact Investor Summit: North America
Although IRA funding is catalysing major climate projects in the US, investors should be cognisant of hurdles when pricing IRA funding into development and returns models.
GPs have been emphatic about the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act, but LPs have not 'redrawn the map' on their allocations as a result of the law.
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Investment managers can consider “the economic effects of climate change and other environmental, social, or governance factors” when making investment decisions under ERISA without risking their fiduciary status, according to a new final rule from the Department of Labor.
Kentucky's law makers are probing state institutions' consideration of ESG factors.
Measures in the US to incentivise investment in the energy transition will benefit the clean tech industry, the US economy and the average American, writes Joe Blair of Bay Bridge Ventures.
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A demand that the $206bn state pension consider only ‘pecuniary’ factors when investing does little to change its sizeable private markets programme.
US manager reportedly convening a working group to prepare investor response to Republican pushback.
ESG and impact investing organisations are taking note as the US’s fourth biggest pension system acts against the movement.
The watered-down climate bill is nevertheless a more holistic attempt to foster the realities of the energy transition.
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With climate change policy weakened, revamping ESG to ward off the worst effects of global warming is now more critical than ever.

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