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The US Chamber of Commerce says the measures in the bill could lead to the loss of anywhere from 6.2m to 26.3m jobs.
Celine Herweijer
The urgent need to address the climate crisis is fuelling momentum for the public and private sectors to act.
Shami Nissan
The group is discussing the ‘just transition’ and collating case studies, member Shami Nissan tells New Private Markets.
But Democrats are betting they can as they try to pass both a $3.5trn budget proposal and a $1.2trn infrastructure package.
Perkukuh Pelaburan Rakyat aims to strengthen governance structures and ESG practices into the mandate of its LPs to help attract private investments.
Despite some negative publicity associated with beef’s GHG emissions, the sector received a $500m USDA package to increase processing capacity while Rabobank’s Justin Sherrard says, ‘beef is where the answer lies.’
Future street
The world is adapting to mitigate climate change, but the politicisation of climate science, slow-moving bureaucracy and anachronistic policy are causing the US to lag behind.
The group will make recommendations in two areas: impact measurement and new financial products.
Market forces began pressuring institutional investors to reconsider exposure to the fossil fuel industry long before the Biden administration took office in January.
Angela Miller-May
The CIO of Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund explains what actions some LPs are expecting their managers to have taken after committing to diversity initiatives last year.

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